How Subaru e-BOXER works

How Subaru e-BOXER works

Interested in finding out about the Subaru Hybrid system? Let us explain...




Improved acceleration with Motor Assist

Better reaction on the accelerator pedal compared to versions with petrol engine, due to the torque response of the electric motor that reacts linearly to the driver's input.

Works with SI-DRIVE

SI-DRIVE has been adapted for e-BOXER to better utilize the benefits of Motor Assist. In the S-Mode, Motor Assist is activated earlier during acceleration, while a higher engine speed is maintained for a better response. Also in S-mode the ratio levels of Motor Assist are visually displayed on the multifunction display, so that the functioning of Motor Assist can be accurately monitored.

When the accelerator pedal is depressed, the electric motor delivers extra torque to ensure linear and smooth acceleration. This also helps with comfortable and stress-free driving in the city with frequent speed changes in stop-and-go traffic.


Select Intelligent Mode for balanced, smooth and environmentally friendly performance, or Sport Mode for a direct and linear torque-rich throttle response for sporty and smooth driving at any speed. Engine support improves the overall acceleration response for an even more powerful and sporty driving experience.

X-MODE + Motor Assist


In X-MODE, Motor Assist is activated earlier from 0 km / h (4 km / h in normal driving mode and SI-DRIVE) to improve power and acceleration from a standstill.

The excellent torque delivery and control from Motor Assist provide even better and more versatile off-road options. Long and bumpy slopes can be climbed smoothly without pressing hard on the accelerator. This easy-to-control acceleration allows the driver to focus on steering and encourages safe driving, including peace of mind.




e-BOXER alternates between driving on the internal combustion engine, EV driving, and Motor Assist driving, in order to best adapt to driving situations and driver input.

Subaru e-BOXER driving mode

Motor Assist

Both the electric motor and the combustion engine drive the wheels. Their power distribution depends on the accelerator pedal position and the charge level of the battery.

Combustion Engine

Power is only supplied by the combustion engine. When driving at high speeds where the motor efficiency is good, the electric motor will be stopped.

EV Driving

Drive only by the electric motor. EV driving is possible under driving conditions where driving with the combustion engine is not efficient. If more power is required or the charge level of the battery is too low, the system will automatically switch on the combustion engine.

Stopped (Stationary)

The engine stops when idling to save fuel. When the brake pedal is released, the vehicle will continue to crawl forward when idling. The engine runs for air conditioning and battery charging.

Battery Regeneration (EV driving)

Battery charging takes place when the vehicle slows down, the accelerator pedal is released or when the brake pedal is depressed. When the internal combustion engine ignores sufficient voltage for the battery when the engine is braking, the battery charges. Braking deceleration is also used for battery regeneration.

Charging with engine power

The system creates more torque than necessary while driving and moves the excess torque to charge the battery. This also happens when the battery's charge level is low and when driving conditions require more torque for efficient driving.

Charging when stationary (Acceleration in Drive)

When the car is stationary with the gear in Drive, the battery is charged by idling the combustion engine. By charging the battery when the charge level is low, there are more possibilities that the engine is switched off at idle speed or switched to EV driving mode. This will reduce fuel consumption.

The combustion engine and electric motor work together to achieve the most efficient driving mode possible, depending on driving speed and conditions.

e-BOXER controls the combustion engine and electric motor, depending on driving speed and road conditions, in order to optimize engine power and regeneration. By using e-BOXER technology, fuel consumption can be reduced, EV driving and Motor Assist optimize fuel consumption and driving pleasure.





Based on the lineartronic of the gasoline versions, an electric motor, a specific clutch and control valve have been added. The gearbox housing is tailor-made for the e-BOXER lineartronic, which reduces vibrations, reduces unwanted noises and reduces weight.




Control leads to self-confidence and stability ensures maneuverability that sets the Forester apart from the crowd. The model has Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive as standard. This permanent drive on all four wheels ensures better control regardless of road surface and circumstances. The system is characterized by an optimum balance and therefore precise handling. The low center of gravity ensures a particularly dynamic and responsive driving behavior. Symmetrical AWD makes exceptional communicative handling possible and ensures that you can more easily avoid dangerous situations.



Few SUVs approach the confidence-inspiring feeling and agility of the Subaru Forester. This driving behavior is mainly due to the SUBARU boxer engine. Due to the horizontal configuration, the pistons are 180 degrees apart, a construction that is lower and flatter than with other engines. As a result, the engine and therefore the car as a whole has a lower center of gravity and is better balanced. The opposite movement of the pistons also results in fewer vibrations.

Due to the flat design, the boxer motor has an inherent stiffness and self-balancing effect, so that fewer vibrations are produced than is the case with V or line motors. This results in a longer service life and reliable performance. Because the engine block has a flatter construction and is mounted lower in the chassis, the car is more stable and better able to withstand lateral movement than other designs.





The Subaru Forester is equipped with a Lineartronic CVT as standard. The transmission shifts seamlessly and without you noticing. The transmission features a wide range of gear ratios for better performance, better fuel consumption and faster gas response. The CVT is longitudinally linked to an Active Torque Split AWD system that responds to changes in traction, transmission and driver input by continuously adjusting the torque distribution between the front and rear axles.



SUBARU Global Platform

The Subaru Global Platform (SGP) is the underlying platform that will serve as the basis for the new generation of Subaru vehicles. By improving safety and performance in all respects, the platform goes beyond simply delivering better performance. It gives a driving behavior that you can only find in a Subaru. It is the future of Subaru, and offers even more pleasure and peace of mind to all drivers and passengers.



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Forester e-BOXER and XV e-BOXER are available now.